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In the Reading Workshop Mr. McGuire wrote this post and wanted us to comment on it. Here is the his post:

The current read aloud in Reading Workshop is Freak the Mighty written by Rodman Philbrick.  Max, a struggling reader is placed with the “smart” kids so that he can be with Kevin, his disabled friend.  Although the placement is based on the needs of Kevin, it brings to question the decision about placing students in classes.

Ability grouping is the practice of sorting students, mostly in elementary and middle school, into classes based on their ability level.  Those for ability grouping claim it increases student achievement because teachers can provide instruction at the appropriate level that is neither too easy nor too hard for most students.
One of the main arguments against ability grouping is that it creates classes of low achievers who miss out on stimulating discussions with higher achievers.  Labeling students may also communicate self-fulfilling low expectations.
Will Max benefit from being placed in the class with higher achievers?  Would you prefer to be in a class that is ability grouped?  Why or why not?

I think that Max is going to have a terrible time being in a higher class. I think he is going to be humiliated, and embarrassed. He probably won’t have any confidence while being in this class. I think that when a big test comes up and Max won’t know what to do then he will ask Freak to help him cheat.

I honestly think that the higher class men and the lower class men should be separated. If you put the lower class men in a different class and you are trying to have a discussion then some of the kids are going to have to speak up. If the lower class men are in a smarter class then the lower class men are just going to sit around and wait for someone to answer for them.

If you separate the kids then the lower class men are not going to be made fun of. If you keep them together then the higher class men might make fun of the lower class men just because they can’t answer a question.

I really think that the kids should be separated so then they can learn better. If you keep them separated then the kids can learn it through their mind more accurately.

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Well, the big Ohio Achievement Test is coming up(less than a week!) I’m not all that much nervous, to tell you the truth. From what I’ve been seeing with the practice tests that we have been taking, I’ve been doing pretty good. So hopefully,  not just me, but everyone will get a great score!

I can’t wait for when the tests are all done with. Here is what’s going to happen:

!.  April 26th, Tuesday  The Ohio Reading Achievement Test

2. April 28th, Thursday  The Ohio Math  Achievement Test

3.  May 2nd,  Monday We leave for Camp Oty-Okwa

4. May 3rd, Tuesday 6th Graders are still at Camp

5. May 4th, Wednesday we leave Camp

6. May 5th, Thursday 6th Graders go to Logan Elm McDowell

7. May 24th, Tuesday Fun Day

8. May 26th, Thursday D.A.R.E. Graduation/ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

See, this is why everyone is so excited for testing to be over with. It’s just going to be fun the whole month of May! I can’t wait. I’m soooooo excited for Camp. It’s going to be awesome!



If you check out Mr.McGuire’s blog you see that he has a new post up. That new post is about the test. Not just the test, but the test grader. Go and see what he wrote at The Reading Workshop. Here is what I thought about his post.

I think that everyone needs to write everything down in their extended response. We need to make everything clear, because you never know. You might be getting a mean test grader like Martha. We need to put everything ounce of brain into this test.

We need to go back in the text, prove our answers. Back everything up with supporting detail. We need to make it easy on Martha so she doesn’t give us an F. We need to number our paper. If it’s a two point question then we need to number it one through two. If it’s a four point question then we need to number our answer document one through four.

All we got to do is make it easier on Martha(or any other test grader). We have to make our answer clear. And most of all write neatly. Seriously, we are in the sixth grade now. We shouldn’t be writing like first graders. Honestly if a test grader can’t read a word in your extended response then you never know, you might miss a point.

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There was this one time when we had to take a practice achievement test. We didn’t have to do the whole thing, we just had to do one passage. Mr.McGuire told us that every answer we got we had to go back in the passage and mark the question number by the paragraph that we got our answer from. In that passage I got a 100%. It really helped me because I had to go back in the passage just to show my work. I think I’ll use that same method for the achievement test.

Another great method to use for this test is to not mark your answer in your answer document right away. What I do is I go through the whole test and mark my answers in the actual test. Then, once I’m finished with the test, I go back to the answer  document and mark my answers. While I’m going through and marking the answers I check my answers. It’s just another way to check your answer and keep yourself organised.

Another test taking method is to number your answer document. This is a way to organise your answers. I do this all the time and it always helps. It just shows you that you know what the question is asking for, and it makes it a lot easier for the test graders.

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In the Reading Workshop we are talking about the OAA. If you check out what Mr.McGuire said on his blog at The Reading Workshop. Here is what I said:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not all that nervous about the test. I think that once the test day does come around that everyone should be taking it with confidence. I think that kids shouldn’t stress over it. Just take it knowing that you are doing your best. From what I’ve heard and seen it sounds like everyone is capable of passing.

I will be honest, that I think that teacher are seriously stressing this way to much. I think that we need to do our regular routine. These teachers look like they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. They are making this test too big of a deal.

I think, on the day before the test, that we should take a break and relax. We should be act like we are in the Super Bowl, and take one day off and relax, not stress and not worry about the test. Sure we can discuss questions and how to answer them, but just don’t make a huge deal.

I think that we all are going to do fantastic on this test. But when teachers are pulling you out of class and telling you what to do when this happens or what to do when that happens. I think that is just stressing us out and making us worry twice as much as we need to. I understand that why teachers are making a big deal and telling us to do this and that. I know teachers are only trying to help us, I completely understand that, but they could give us a break. That is all I’m asking, is for the teachers to lay off just a little.

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In the Reading Workshop we are talking about if you are perfect or not. A lot of people call themselves perfect but I believe that no one, not even me, is perfect. Now, now I know it’s hard to believe that I’m not perfect, but it’s true. No one or no thing is perfect.

I think that it would be very hard to be perfect. I guess that if you work hard and stay on track you could be considered a hard worker or something special like that, but I don’t think that you could be called absolute perfect.

I think the word perfect is over rated. I don’t like the word. I think that if you want to call yourself perfect then you might want to think again. Would it be nice to be called perfect? I guess so but you don’t need to be perfect. You can just be yourself and not even worry about what people think of you. You need to worry about yourself and be who you really want to be. You need to accept who you are and enjoy yourself.

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In the Reading Workshop we are talking about predictions. I am reading the book Ghost In The Machine. It is really good. When you are reading a good book it usually makes you want to predict something.

I really enjoy making predictions because once you make one then it makes you want to keep on reading just to see if you’re prediction is right.

When I was reading Ghost In The Machine, there was one part in the book when I predicted that the two characters were never going back to this one haunted place ever again because of an accident that happened. Well that same day I read for 60 minutes just to see what was going to happen next.



Last week my mom, grandma,  aunt Stacie and I all went to Carrollton Georgia. My brother and dad wanted to go but my brother had baseball practice. We went to Georgia to see my older sister, Rebekha, play softball for her college team, Ohio Dominican University(ODU).

We all went there last Wednesday. My sister had games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but it rained all those days. So the tournament was cancelled.  So on Saturday the whole softball team , and some families including us, went bowling. This bowling place was huge! It even had a putt putt place, which we also did.

So on Sunday we decided that we were going to Savannah Georgia. Rebekha had another tournament there for softball. She only had games on Tuesday and Wednesday in Savannah so we had Monday off. We went to this huge mall that was right next door to our hotel. That was a lot of fun. We also went to the beach.

We all went to watch Rebekha play Tuesday. She had a double header then. She lost the first game. Rebekha is only a freshmen so she doesn’t play much but she did get to play the whole first game. She plays right field. ODU won the second game. She did not get to come in and play until the 5th inning.

On Wednesday she had another double header. We only got to watch the first game because we had to start driving home after that. ODU lost that game, it was a close one. We all said our good-byes to Rebekha and left for home. She later on called us and told us that ODU won the second game.

It was a rocky road home. We were planning to be home Wednesday night and be back to school/work Thursday. But that didn’t workout to well. We were making great timing until we entered Virginia. We hit a whole lot of fog and rain. It was getting so bad that we couldn’t even drive. So we got a hotel Wednesday night and came home Thursday afternoon.



In the Reading Workshop we are talking about what kinds of grades you get and why you should get them. Check out Mr.McGuire’s post at the Reading Workshop.

I think that a student should be graded on there hard work andhow much they pay attention in class. I think that a teacher should give a student a few extra credit points if they are working hard. I also think that if a student doesent put half as much effert into something than the other kid then that student shouldn’t be getting any extra points at all.

There are some students that do fall behind and don’t understand somethings that we are learning. But if they are giving a 110% in every paper that they turn in then at the end of the nine weeks the teacher should give him/her some extra credit points.

I think that Student #1 deserves an A+. If he has changed from a slacker to a kid that is paying way more attention in class then he diffently get an A, if he was my student. There is a big different in Student #4 and #1. Student #4, in my opinion, deserves no extra credit points at all. If this child is goofing off in class and not paying attention then shouldn’t get anything to help his grade.

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In The Reading Workshop I am reading the book Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. This book is really exciting. It’s a mystery book involving two teenage kids trying to solve a mystery on there own while keeping it a secret.

The way this book is so creative is because you can read a chapter and then go on line and watch a video about this book. All you have to do is go to sarahfincher.com and type in the password that the book gives you. These videos give you lots of hints.

This book is about two teenage kids, Sarah and Ryan trying to solve a mystery about a ghost who is “watching” them. They are trying to go to where the ghost died and trying to figure out what he wants. On of the teenagers, Ryan, was there one night with Sarah and Ryan was “pushed” into a machine.

Now the two teenagers are trying to figure out what had “pushed” Ryan and why it had pushed him. The narrator is Ryan so he gives you all of these emotions he is going through. That’s another reasons this book is great.