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What Did You Think About Your Groups At Camp?

Last week the 6th graders of Laurelville Elementary school went to camp Oty Okwa. That was so much fun. We were separated into groups of nine or ten. The group that you were put into, you stayed with for the rest of camp. You did classes with your group, you ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with your group. You did just about everything with your group. My group was me, Austin, Jessica, Ashlee, Megan, Stephen, Mark, Chase and Tyler.

When I first saw who was in my group I was really excited.  I was excited because my one of my friends, Jessica,  was in my group. I was also happy because I had a couple of girls, that were in my class, were in my group.  By having a couple of people from my class in my group, that made me more comfortable because I talk to them and I know them real well.

I saw that I didn’t have a lot of my best friends, like Shala or Alex or Sara or a couple other people. I really wanted them to be in my group. So when I saw that they weren’t in my group, I was a little sad.

Once I saw who all was in my group, I got a little worried. I will admit that a couple people, that were in my group, I didn’t even talk to them. So I figured, well if I never really talked to them before, why talk to them now. That plan didn’t work at all.

The reason my plan didn’t work was because my first class was about communicating with everyone. What we had to do was go through this huge spider web with out touching the web (the spider web was just to poles with ropes going from pole to pole making it look like a spider web).

To get through this spider web you needed a lot of team work and encouragement to help other people get through. One person that was in my group was Mark. Now Mark and I never really talked so I figured I’m not going to talk to him. When Mark had to go through the web, he had a little trouble. That’s when I decided to to tell him things like “Come on Mark, you can do it!” or “We all believe you can do it!” Then after that he made it through the spider web.

Another reason I was worried about my group was a kid that was in my group, Stephen. From what I heard from other people, people say that all the does is goof off. So I figured he wouldn’t take anything seriously. But then something really shocked me.

Whenever my group had to cross a log(which was REALLY slippery). There were four people on one side of the log and four people on the other side of the log and one person in the middle. What we had to do was, the four people on one side of the log had to get to the other side and the four people had to switch ends of the log, but the middle person could not move.

I think doing the log use a great way for my group to communicate with each other  and help each other out. We had to think of all kinds of methods to try to get across the log. We would talk it out and work together to get across. Although we didn’t get across the log, we got pretty close. We ran out of time.

Camp Oty Okwa has a rule and that rule is: if you kill it you fill it. This rule was used when you and your group are eating at the table(for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Well my group hated that rule. The first time we sat down and ate with each other use the worst. Whenever someone killed the food they wouldn’t go up and get more food for the other people, then everyone would whine and complain because no one would get up and walk to the kitchen to get more food.

On the last day of eating together, nobody complained on who would get the food. When someone would kill the food they would go up and fill the food without being asked. If someone was tired and had just got there food and was hungry and wanted to eat, some people would get up and fill since the other person was tired. Stephen did this a couple of times. He would see that people were tired so he would fill it with out being asked.

For my group, our first class was initiatives. In this class we had to hold hands…. a lot! When we first started holding hands, the boys were by the boys and the girls were by the girls (that way the boys and girls didn’t have to hold hands). Then we would take breaks and talk and then we had to hold hands again. After a while people didn’t really care who’s hands they were holding. We just got next to each other and held hands, not really caring and being more mature.

At the end of the day, my group would come together as a family at dinner. I really enjoyed my group and I wouldn’t change it. I’m sure everyone else in my group would agree that our group was a lot of fun. I also realised that I didn’t need any of my “best friends” to have fun, I made new best friends from my group.

Image from: http://www.teamworkandleadership.com/2011/01/very-funny-team-building-cartoon.html


6 Responses to “What Did You Think About Your Groups At Camp?”

  1. I am glad your group had fun together. Great closing to your post!

  2. Hello?!?! I thought I was your friend too. Well back to the point I love the post. I had a lot of fun and at 1st I thought that our group was just going to fight but I was wrong it was awesome!

  3. Rhianna, you are right we don’t need our best friend to have fun. We just need enjoy the thing we are doing and that can make our day fun.

  4. I really like this post! I think the same thing happened in everybody’s group. At first you keep all your thoughts to your self. Then if one of your friends is in the group you kind of talk about someone in the group. Then you get to know the person then you change your mind. Like people who weren’t in my group I still have thoughts about.

  5. Rhianna, you are right we don’t need our best friends to have fun. We enjoy want we are doing with different kids that we didn’t know very well. My group I didn’t know most of kids in my group, I know was Sara, Brook and Dustin. Then at the end of the first day we had fun with different kids that we didn’t know.

  6. Wow, Rhianna that is a great post. I felt the same way when I was not with my Best Friends.My Best Friend Shala was with me.Some of girl that were in my group were my friends but not my best friends.

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