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6th Grade Camp….Can’t Wait!!!

Aaahhhh! I CANNOT wait for 6th Grade Camp any longer!!! But the good thing is that it’s one week away. It’s sooooo exciting. It’s going to be so much fun. No parents. no brothers or sisters, no chores. Just my friends and I having an awesome time together.

I already have most of my supplies ready for Camp. It’s going to be a blast. I’m kind of happy some of the teachers are going. Some people are complaining and saying they don’t want any teachers going, but I’m sure outside of school they act just like kids. All of the teachers are going to give us a good time.

Another great thing about Camp is that we go during school days, but do nooooo school work or papers or any of that boring stuff(no offence to anyone who likes to do school stuff). Three whole days of just flat out fun!

All these images are from: http://www.campotyokwalodging.com/environmental-ed.htm


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