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The Big TEST! And What’s After The Test

Well, the big Ohio Achievement Test is coming up(less than a week!) I’m not all that much nervous, to tell you the truth. From what I’ve been seeing with the practice tests that we have been taking, I’ve been doing pretty good. So hopefully,  not just me, but everyone will get a great score!

I can’t wait for when the tests are all done with. Here is what’s going to happen:

!.  April 26th, Tuesday  The Ohio Reading Achievement Test

2. April 28th, Thursday  The Ohio Math  Achievement Test

3.  May 2nd,  Monday We leave for Camp Oty-Okwa

4. May 3rd, Tuesday 6th Graders are still at Camp

5. May 4th, Wednesday we leave Camp

6. May 5th, Thursday 6th Graders go to Logan Elm McDowell

7. May 24th, Tuesday Fun Day

8. May 26th, Thursday D.A.R.E. Graduation/ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

See, this is why everyone is so excited for testing to be over with. It’s just going to be fun the whole month of May! I can’t wait. I’m soooooo excited for Camp. It’s going to be awesome!



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