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Ways To Make You A “Smarter” Tester

There was this one time when we had to take a practice achievement test. We didn’t have to do the whole thing, we just had to do one passage. Mr.McGuire told us that every answer we got we had to go back in the passage and mark the question number by the paragraph that we got our answer from. In that passage I got a 100%. It really helped me because I had to go back in the passage just to show my work. I think I’ll use that same method for the achievement test.

Another great method to use for this test is to not mark your answer in your answer document right away. What I do is I go through the whole test and mark my answers in the actual test. Then, once I’m finished with the test, I go back to the answer  document and mark my answers. While I’m going through and marking the answers I check my answers. It’s just another way to check your answer and keep yourself organised.

Another test taking method is to number your answer document. This is a way to organise your answers. I do this all the time and it always helps. It just shows you that you know what the question is asking for, and it makes it a lot easier for the test graders.

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