Rhianna's Ripping Rampage
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If you check out Mr.McGuire’s blog you see that he has a new post up. That new post is about the test. Not just the test, but the test grader. Go and see what he wrote at The Reading Workshop. Here is what I thought about his post.

I think that everyone needs to write everything down in their extended response. We need to make everything clear, because you never know. You might be getting a mean test grader like Martha. We need to put everything ounce of brain into this test.

We need to go back in the text, prove our answers. Back everything up with supporting detail. We need to make it easy on Martha so she doesn’t give us an F. We need to number our paper. If it’s a two point question then we need to number it one through two. If it’s a four point question then we need to number our answer document one through four.

All we got to do is make it easier on Martha(or any other test grader). We have to make our answer clear. And most of all write neatly. Seriously, we are in the sixth grade now. We shouldn’t be writing like first graders. Honestly if a test grader can’t read a word in your extended response then you never know, you might miss a point.

image from: http://www.rechargelounge.com.au/2008/11/page/2/


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