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What Do You Think About The Big Test?

In the Reading Workshop we are talking about the OAA. If you check out what Mr.McGuire said on his blog at The Reading Workshop. Here is what I said:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not all that nervous about the test. I think that once the test day does come around that everyone should be taking it with confidence. I think that kids shouldn’t stress over it. Just take it knowing that you are doing your best. From what I’ve heard and seen it sounds like everyone is capable of passing.

I will be honest, that I think that teacher are seriously stressing this way to much. I think that we need to do our regular routine. These teachers look like they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. They are making this test too big of a deal.

I think, on the day before the test, that we should take a break and relax. We should be act like we are in the Super Bowl, and take one day off and relax, not stress and not worry about the test. Sure we can discuss questions and how to answer them, but just don’t make a huge deal.

I think that we all are going to do fantastic on this test. But when teachers are pulling you out of class and telling you what to do when this happens or what to do when that happens. I think that is just stressing us out and making us worry twice as much as we need to. I understand that why teachers are making a big deal and telling us to do this and that. I know teachers are only trying to help us, I completely understand that, but they could give us a break. That is all I’m asking, is for the teachers to lay off just a little.

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