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My Trip To Georgia!

Last week my mom, grandma,  aunt Stacie and I all went to Carrollton Georgia. My brother and dad wanted to go but my brother had baseball practice. We went to Georgia to see my older sister, Rebekha, play softball for her college team, Ohio Dominican University(ODU).

We all went there last Wednesday. My sister had games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but it rained all those days. So the tournament was cancelled.  So on Saturday the whole softball team , and some families including us, went bowling. This bowling place was huge! It even had a putt putt place, which we also did.

So on Sunday we decided that we were going to Savannah Georgia. Rebekha had another tournament there for softball. She only had games on Tuesday and Wednesday in Savannah so we had Monday off. We went to this huge mall that was right next door to our hotel. That was a lot of fun. We also went to the beach.

We all went to watch Rebekha play Tuesday. She had a double header then. She lost the first game. Rebekha is only a freshmen so she doesn’t play much but she did get to play the whole first game. She plays right field. ODU won the second game. She did not get to come in and play until the 5th inning.

On Wednesday she had another double header. We only got to watch the first game because we had to start driving home after that. ODU lost that game, it was a close one. We all said our good-byes to Rebekha and left for home. She later on called us and told us that ODU won the second game.

It was a rocky road home. We were planning to be home Wednesday night and be back to school/work Thursday. But that didn’t workout to well. We were making great timing until we entered Virginia. We hit a whole lot of fog and rain. It was getting so bad that we couldn’t even drive. So we got a hotel Wednesday night and came home Thursday afternoon.



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