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What Grade Should You Get?

In the Reading Workshop we are talking about what kinds of grades you get and why you should get them. Check out Mr.McGuire’s post at the Reading Workshop.

I think that a student should be graded on there hard work andhow much they pay attention in class. I think that a teacher should give a student a few extra credit points if they are working hard. I also think that if a student doesent put half as much effert into something than the other kid then that student shouldn’t be getting any extra points at all.

There are some students that do fall behind and don’t understand somethings that we are learning. But if they are giving a 110% in every paper that they turn in then at the end of the nine weeks the teacher should give him/her some extra credit points.

I think that Student #1 deserves an A+. If he has changed from a slacker to a kid that is paying way more attention in class then he diffently get an A, if he was my student. There is a big different in Student #4 and #1. Student #4, in my opinion, deserves no extra credit points at all. If this child is goofing off in class and not paying attention then shouldn’t get anything to help his grade.

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