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What’ The Best Thing That Has Happend In Your Book?

In the Reading Worksop we are talking about having a good book. I have a great book, it’s called Cover Up by John Feinstein.  It really pulls you in. There is a lot of fighting and arguing.

There was one part in the book when a teenage girl, Susan Carol, got in a fight with a grown man. The man, Don, was telling T.V. announcers that Susan Carol was a bad influence. He was saying that she was a dirty dancer at a party and she was taking shots when she was only 14 years old. Then the two of them were in a big argument.

There was another part in the book when Don was picking on a teenage boy, Stevie. Don was saying that Stevie was never made for T.V. and that he was the worst reporter ever. Stevie got up in Don face and started screaming at him.

The best part about this book was when Don and another grown man, Kelleher, was talking over the phone. Stevie and Susan Carol were with Kelleher. Don started screaming and yelling at all three of them because of something Kelleher said that I can’t tell you because it would spoil the book.



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