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Making Connections

In the Reading Workshop we are working on an assignment about making connections in your book. One connection I had in my book was when I was reading Last Shot. There was one part of the book when the main character shot a buzzard beater.

I remember when I went to this one basketball game last year and one of the players shot a buzzard beater. In the book the character made a buzzard beater shot to win the game. The player’s  shot was just one to pump up the game to end it. It was a perfect three to end it.

I still remember the excitement of that game. The characters, in the book, that were in the stands were jumping up and down with excitement. That was how it was at the Logan Elm game. All the players flooded the court. It was amazing. I’ve seen a lot of buzzard beaters before so I could relate to that part of book real well.

Image from: http://www.corbisimages.com/Enlargement/101750-08.html


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