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How Do You Want People To Think Of You When You Grow Up?

In the Reading Workshop, we had an assignment to write what people want to think of us when we grow up. I really enjoy softball so that’s what I decided to write about. I have many goals as a softball player, here are just a few goals.

If someone were to remember me in some special way, when I grow up, I would like to be remembered as the girl at Logan Elm that was All Ohio softball player in softball. I want to be known as the best shortstop that hit Logan Elm. I want to make varsity in softball as a freshmen. I want to be the leader of my softball team, who lead this team to be district champions.

Softball is my life. I’ve played softball since I was a little girl. My sister, Rebekha, is left handed and she made All Ohio as a senior. She made varsity her freshmen year. She lead her team to be district champions as a senior. Everyone knows Rebekha at Logan Elm. That’s how I want it to be for me. She is my remodel in softball. I have the same goals as her, even bigger ones.

I want to be the best shortstop at Logan Elm. I want to be even better than Rebekha. I really do think that I can accomplish these goals. It might take hard work and frustration but I’ll be on top. Once I’m done with high school I would like to get a full ride to a college.

Please leave a comment on what you what to be when you grow up. Tell me how you want people to think of you.

Image from: http://richmondgirlssoftball.com/


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