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Letter To Mr.McGuire

February 4, 2011

Dear Mr. McGuire,

I just finished the book Last Shot by John Feinstein. It’s a mystery and a basketball book. This book is about two teenagers that won a writing contest to go to the Final Four and be reporters. One of the players, Chip Graber, got blackmailed to throw the game and is now in big trouble. The two teenagers, Stevie and Susan Carol are the only ones who know about the blackmailing. Now they are are trying to help Chip.

I really enjoy the author who wrote this, John Feinstein. He makes the book sound mysterious, sad, happy and all these other feelings when you read. There was one part in the book when the characters felt hopeless. The two teens, Stevie and Susan Carol, were duck taped to a chair and had now way out. John Feinstein made it sound like the kids were going to die and MSU, one of the basketball teams, would lose in the Final Four. The author puts in a line that says “Cancel your bet now or else.” The blackmailer refused to cancel his bet and teenagers were hopeless.

This book Is also a romance book. Stevie is beginning to fall in love with Susan Carol. John Feistein doesn’t just come out and say Stevie is madly in love with Susan Carol. He gives you little hints that he likes her. There was one part in the book when Stevie and Susan Carol were walking towards their hotel. It was night time and dark out. It was only the two of them. John Feinstein made that part of the book really change. That’s when they really fell in love. It changed the whole book because every time the two of them were together there was always sparks flying.

There was another part in the book where Stevie and Susan Carol were walking down the hallway and heard someone talking. They weren’t allowed to be walking down the hallway so it wasn’t usual to be hearing someone. The author said “ They stopped dead in there tracks”. Them kind of sentences really pull you in, they make you think.

I think the main way John Feinstein really makes the book sound good and exciting is he writes these scenes sound real exciting and intense. There will be running parts where the teenagers shouting and screaming. He makes you feel like you’re in the scene. This is great book, it makes it even better that John Feinstein wrote it.

Feinstein makes his books very interesting and exciting. I’m reading another book by him it’s called Cover Up. It’s also a great book. He makes it sound very, very exciting too. All of his book are thriller books. They pull you in, and make you really think



Image from: http://www.angusrobertson.com.au/by/john-feinstein/6588/?page=2


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