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What Is It About Your Book That Makes It Exciting?

February 28, 2011

In The Reading Workshop I am reading the book Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman. This book is really exciting. It’s a mystery book involving two teenage kids trying to solve a mystery on there own while keeping it a secret. The way this book is so creative is because you can read a chapter and […]

How Do You Feel When You Read Yous Book?

February 21, 2011

In the Reading Workshop we are  talking about how you feel when you are reading your book. The book I’m reading is called Because Of Anya. This book makes me feel really sad when I read it. This book is about a ten year old girl that has cancer. She is trying really hard not […]

What’ The Best Thing That Has Happend In Your Book?

February 18, 2011

In the Reading Worksop we are talking about having a good book. I have a great book, it’s called Cover Up by John Feinstein.  It really pulls you in. There is a lot of fighting and arguing. There was one part in the book when a teenage girl, Susan Carol, got in a fight with […]

Making Connections

February 15, 2011

In the Reading Workshop we are working on an assignment about making connections in your book. One connection I had in my book was when I was reading Last Shot. There was one part of the book when the main character shot a buzzard beater. I remember when I went to this one basketball game […]

How Do You Want People To Think Of You When You Grow Up?

February 10, 2011

In the Reading Workshop, we had an assignment to write what people want to think of us when we grow up. I really enjoy softball so that’s what I decided to write about. I have many goals as a softball player, here are just a few goals. If someone were to remember me in some […]

Letter To Mr.McGuire

February 4, 2011

February 4, 2011 Dear Mr. McGuire, I just finished the book Last Shot by John Feinstein. It’s a mystery and a basketball book. This book is about two teenagers that won a writing contest to go to the Final Four and be reporters. One of the players, Chip Graber, got blackmailed to throw the game […]