Rhianna's Ripping Rampage
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Merry Christmas, Grandma

A Great Gift For a Great Grandma

Love Rhianna

I shouldn’t ask for one gift from you this Christmas,

The gift of caring is the best gift,

You don’t care for me just once a year,

You care for me every day.

Making me so happy,

Especially Christmas Season,

Baking cookies,

Enjoying Christmas Tree cookies together

Loving me so much,

I can’t even describe how much you love me

You’re love is so powerful,

Especially on Christmas

Teaching everything I need to know

Showing me from wrong to right

Always telling me what to do,

Just wanting me to be a kind person

Merry Christmas,

Happy New Year,

Stay Safe,

I love you.

Image from: http://www.saygeneral.com/Gift&Shopping/Gifts&shopping.htm


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