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This whole week Mr.McGuire told us that we had to use manners for all the grown ups at our school. I think that doing this will gain more respect for our class. We have to say “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am”, “yes sir”,”no sir” and so on. I think that most of the younger kids will look up to us.

I think that not using manners is rood. If you run into someone in the hall way then you should say “excuse me” or “sorry”. You shouldn’t just walk away and not help them. I also think that you should say “please”, “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. Little things like that make a big difference.

The other day I was walking down the stairs when I walked by Mrs.Caudill. I said “hi, how are you?” She said “I’m fine. How are you doing.” Then we started a little conversation. If I wouldn’t have  said anything then she might have thought that I was snobby.

I think that everyone should at least try to use manners. They make a difference. People look at you in a totally different way. So try it, go out and talk to people in a nicer tone. Hold a door for someone. Help a lady cross the road. Use your manners!

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