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Why Do You Think You Are Paired Up With Someone?

Today, in The Reading Workshop , we had to say why you think you are paired up with a certain person when ever you have to have a partner.  We had to say why a teacher would want you with someone.

I think I would call myself a leader, or a hard worker. I’m usually laid back but when ever I have to have  a partner I’m usually the one that has to take control.  I think teachers pair me up with kids that are falling behind, or kids that don’t may any attention in class.

There was this one time in science when I was with a kid that was always goofing off in class. That person never payed attention. When we worked he wouldn’t listen. So I finally stepped up and told him to be quite and listen. Finally he was quite and listened to me and participated. That’s why I would call myself a leader.

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