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Letter To Mr. McGuire

In the Reading Workshop we did an assignment on writing a letter to Mr. McGuire. The 6th graders have to write him a letter about the book we are reading. We had to say why he would like the book and why we liked the book. I really enjoyed the assignment. It was really fun to learn how to write a perfect letter.

Dear Mr. McGuire,

You have got to read this book! I’m reading Heart Of A Champion by Carl Deuker. You will really enjoy this book, especially if you like baseball. I know you like sports too, so this book would be great for you.

This book is about Seth and his pal, Jimmy. They play baseball all day at the park near their house. The two of them want to grow up and play baseball on the same major league team. They want to be a double play combination. Seth plays second base while Jimmy plays shortstop.

One reason I like this book so well is because I can relate to it in so many ways. My friend, Shala, and I both have the same dream. We both want to go to college and play softball on the same team. I’ll play shortstop and Shala will play second base. We will be a double play combination, too. Whenever she comes to my house we usually throw a softball to each other. If my dad is in the mood, he takes us down to the Laurelville baseball diamond and we play softball for a couple of hours.

There are a lot of sad parts in the book, that’s why I enjoy this book. I think the saddest part in the book was when Jimmy told Seth that he was going to have to move. Jimmy has to move because of a certain thing Jimmy’s dad does to Jimmy’s mom. I can’t tell what he does because it will spoil the book. When Jimmy said “My mom and I are moving in with my grandparents in Belmont” I almost cried. The two boys had been through so much and then they were separated.

I think that you would understand this book real well, because I did. To understand this book you would have to know a lot about baseball – strikes, balls, double plays, home runs, walks, balks, and so on. I really hope you get the chance to read this book. You will be fascinated how this book changes from where everything is going perfectly fine to everything going down hill in one sentence. I really enjoyed this book and so will you. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Rhianna L.

Image from http://www.flipkart.com/heart-champion-carl-deuker-book-0316067261


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