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Happy Birthday Shala!

In two days is one of my best friends birthday, Shala. Shala and I have been friends for  a couple of years now. We play softball and even basketball together. She stayed the night at my house Friday and told me what she wants for her birthday. So now I have an idea on what to get her.

Shala is the silliest girl you will ever meet. She is not the brightest crayon in the crayon box. I remember this one time when she put her dogs on her trampoline. That was not the smartest idea she has ever had. One of the dogs fell off the trampoline. It was hilarious!

Happy birthday Shala! I hope I didn’t embarrass you!

Image from http://www.thecakelist.com/birthday-cakes/birthday-cakes-50/


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Shala!”

  1. Don’t worry you didn’t embarrass me. Your not the brightest fish in the sea either.

    • I know I’m not the brightest fish in the sea. We are both really silly. That’s to bad that you have to be stupidest out of the two us. Reread your post. You spelled “YOUR” wrong! You are suppose to spell it like “YOU’RE”! ( ha ha )

    • Hey Shala don’t worry I used to put puppies on a trampoline with huge holes in it while people were jumping on it. 🙂

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