Rhianna's Ripping Rampage
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Don’t You Dare Touch That!

Don’t Touch!

May I help you, ma’m?

No. Me and my daughter are just looking around.

Hey Mom! Let’s look over here.

Rhianna, don’t touch that!

I’m not touching anything.

Well, just don’t touch things. Okay?

But, Mom, what are touching things for?

Why can you and not me?

Rhianna, you will break it.

Nuh’huh. How do you know?

I’ve already told you two times now, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!

Hows’ come?

I’ve already told you, DON’T TOUCH!

This little dancing toy has its’ own sounds to it.

Put that toy down this minute young lady!

It’s not fair at all! You let Rebekha handle things.

She’s older than you.

So what? Why can she touch things and I’m not allowed?

Just, please, don’t touch anything.


Because I know that you will BREAK IT!



Now just look at what you have done to that toy. I told you


But, Mom, it wasn’t me.

You make me SO ANGRY, Rhianna!

It fell.

All broken things must be paid for. Don’t you see that sign over there?

Yeah. I am so very sorry. How much do I owe you?

About $48.

$48! Put the broken pieces in a bag and the little sound box thing. We might be able to put it back together. Thanks.



Put the toy BACK!

Lets get out of this shop before you break something else.


You will NEVER come shopping with me ever again.

Hey mom, can I carry the bag?

You just NEVER, listen do you?

Mom! The little sound bit still plays!


The sound plays “Pop Goes The Weasel”!

Rhianna, you are NEVER going shopping with me again!

Hey Mom, guess what.


You got a parking ticket.

This poem was inspired by Honey Sandwich by Elizabeth Honey.

Image from http://www.flipkart.com/honey-sandwich-elizabeth-book-0375928219


2 Responses to “Don’t You Dare Touch That!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your inspired by poem!

  2. Rhianna, that is a good poem. The poem is kinda like me when I was little. Now my little sister and brothers get mad at my mom, because I get to touch stuff now and they don’t get to touch stuff.

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