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Working With Mr.Dropsey’s First Grade Class

Today, in the Reading Workshop, the first graders, from Mr. Dropsey’s class, came to Mr. McGuire’s class. The sixth graders read the first graders a picture book. Once I was done reading to Madison she had to make connections to the book. They had to make connections to the book that helps them understand the book.

I read the book Albie The Lifeguard by Louise Borden to Madison. There was one part in the book were a boy was looking for pennies underwater. Madison said that when she went swimming at her friend’s house, her and her friend found sticks underwater.  Madison said that she remembers when her and her friend went swimming. When she picked up the sticks she would pick them up  one at a time, like the little boy did in the book. Madison said ” I jumped into the pool to get the sticks. The boy jumped in the pool to get pennies, like me.”

There was another part of the book where the little boy had a Blue Rocket ice cream bar. When Madison went to Tar Hallow she,also, had ice cream. When she had ice cream, Madison got it from a stand at Tar Hallow. The boy from the book also got his ice cream from a stand. Madison said “When I had ice cream it helped me understand the book because we both had a snack at the pool”

In the book when the little boy jumped in the pool. He jumped off a diving board. Madison just jumped off a deck at her friend’s house. When she was jumping into the pool, Madison had a running jump. The boy in the book also had a running jump. Madison said that when she jumped into the pool she made a big splash. The boy in the book also made a big splash. Madison said ” Me and the boy, in the book, both made a big splash!”

Rhianna L. and Madison H.



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