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A Big Problem For David

Today, in the Reading Workshop, I have started a new book. It’s called  Watchers Last Stop by Peter Lerangis. Mr. McGuire got me hooked on this book. In read aloud he is reading Watchers Rewind, also by Peter Lerangis.

This book is about this boy, David, who’s father left him and his mom in the middle of the night. It’s been six months since David has seen his dad. David sees his dad all the time, on a bike, walking around, sitting on  a bench. David has dreams ( nightmares ) about his dad. He just can’t stop seeing him.

I think that sometime in the book that David is actually going to see his dad and don’t believe it’s him. I think David is going to just run away, because he is tired of having these nightmares.



2 Responses to “A Big Problem For David”

  1. This is a great series of books (that is not exactly a series). You will have to try Watchers Lab 6.

  2. Is it really good? Have you read Watchers Island? Watchers Island is really good.

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