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Vote Yes!!!

If you live in the Logan Elm School District, you know that there is a levy going out in September. Please vote yes on that levy!

I love sports and so do a lot of my class mates. If this levy doesn’t pass then there will be no sports for Logan Elm…NONE! If this levy doesn’t pass then kids might have to transfer to a different school just to play sports.

Another reason why you want to vote yes is so that none of the other elementary schools will be shut down. Then Laurelville, might, have kids from different schools. The class rooms will be so crammed ,with lots of students.

I never want to leave Logan Elm. I’m sure a lot of my class mates don’t want to either. So please, please, please vote yes on the school levy.


4 Responses to “Vote Yes!!!”

  1. I agree Rhianna, I really want the levy to pass. That will be horrible if it don’t. We need this levy to pass to get higher education for these students. Also Rhianna is right, the sports will go out and then there will not be any sports, I love sports. I really hope the levy passes.

  2. Thank you for helping to get the word out!!! I am voting yes…my daughter loves sports too. Let’s hope it passes!

  3. I hope that people will vote yes to. I don’t want to quit sports. I don’t think that my parents will let me transfer to another school just to play sports.

  4. Rhianna you are so right. I love sports to and I do not want to leave logan elm just to play sports. But I might have to. Also I do not want my class room to be cramed.

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