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Hey Readers, What Do You Do When Your Confused In Your Book?

In the Reading Worksop we are talking about when you get confused in a book. I usually get confused in my book, but not all the time.  A lot of people get confused. It happens to everyone.

I’m usually confused when a book doesn’t make sense to me.  Some times, if it’s a big book, I don’t understand the words. I also get confused if I read a sentence and I leave out a word and I don’t know that I left out that word. Or if I mix up the letters in  a word and make up some weird word in my mind.

So what I do is I usually get a small book, about 200 pages.  One time I got a book that was , I think, 400 pages. It had huge words that I couldn’t understand. It was so confusing. I also read a little slower than usual.

Another reason why a book doesn’t make since to me is because I don’t read the book very carefully. When a book is confusing  to me I usually reread the last few sentences, then it sounds much better.

Today when I was reading my book, Snarf Attack by Mary Amato, there was this one sentence that didn’t make since. So I reread the  sentence and I found out that I left out a word. You can use any of these strategies to help you be unconfused.


One Response to “Hey Readers, What Do You Do When Your Confused In Your Book?”

  1. Sometimes things don’t make since to me when someone uses the wrong word. 🙂

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