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All About Me

When I first got my blog I told everyone that I would be talking about things in and out of school. Well, today I’ll be talking about me and my family.

I have an older sister, Rebekha. She is a freshman in college.  She goes to Ohio Dominican University (ODU). She has been there for about a month now. I kind of miss her when she’s gone. We don’t have the best relationship, so it’s not to big of a deal when she’s gone.  Rebekha plays softball at ODU. Softball’s her  favorite sport.

My brother, Rodney, is a sophomor in High School, we both go to Logan Elm but I’m in elementary school. My brother plays football and baseball, I’m not sure if he is going to play basketball this winter. His favorite sport is baseball.

As you can see I’m in the 6th grade and go to Laurelville Elementary school. I enjoy playing softball, basketball and I would like to play volleyball once I get into High School. I love softball it’s my favorite sport, like my sister. I play short-stop for the Laurelville Wildcats. My mom has been my coach for four or five years now. 


One Response to “All About Me”

  1. Hi Rhianna, Its Kyra I did not know that Rebekha was ther already tell her good luck for me and have fun.


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