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The Main Character

The main character in the book Abduction is Bonnie, a thirteen year old. The author of the book is Peg Kehret. Bonnie is brave, reliable and independent.

In my opinion I think Bonnie is a very reliable girl. When her younger brother was kidnapped she offered to make and put up posters and spread the word that Matt, her younger brother, was missing. She gave everything she could to help find her brother. Bonnie went on the internet and e-mailed everyone, she knew, that Matt was missing.

I also think that Bonnie is a brave girl. When she rescued Matt she could have been shot right there by the abductor. She risked her life to save Matt. I also think Bonnie is brave when her and Matt were in a rest room trying to escape. She let her brother climb up on her back to get through a window. If Bonnie wasn’t there, at the time, then Matt would have never been able to escape.

I think Bonnie is a very independent girl. When she sees her brother at a ball game, she does not tell her friends where she is going. Bonnie tells them that she saw one of her mom’s friends and was going to talk to him, so her friends wouldn’t follow her. She wanted to figure out if it was Matt by her self, not with her friends.




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