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In the Reading Workshop, I am reading Abduction by Peg Kehret. The same author who wrote I’m Not Who Think I Am and Earthquake Terror.

This book is very interesting. It’s about a boy, Matt, he is only in kindergarten. He is at school one day and his dad (which Matt deos not know is his dad) comes and kidnaps Matt. The dad, Denny, is lying to Matt saying Matt’s mom and sister died in a car accident. Sorry, but I can’t tell you any more of the book.

I recommend this book for all people who like mystery books. This book is very interesting. Once I begin to read, Abduction, I never want to set the book down.

Image from http://media.photobucket.com/image/Abduction by Peg Kehret/energy_vampir


3 Responses to “Abduction”

  1. Good first post! I agree with you 100%. This is an exciting book.

  2. Rhianna, I will defiantly have to check that book out because it sounds very exciting!

  3. This book is very interesting

    Rhianna, your right about how this book is interesting. I have read this book too! I recommend this book to many people.

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